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Arrested for Masturbating in Public
I saw this a few days ago on someone's Facebook share post. Lot of comments about it more or less expressing outrage, disgust. Wow, something wrong with this woman between the ears??? Well that's a given I guess, 'coz no one in their right mind would rub one out in front of people in a public setting.

The point in taking note of such an incident is not the legality, morality, or social disgust of it tho. It's one thing to read about it in remote detachment of the lewd act. It's quite another to be someone sitting in same hotel patio as she is and get taken by surprise by her antics. Or to be dining in the bar and kitchen across the street when she pops in and does her thing. Public forum poll will have us all raising our hand to affirm disgust and repulsed reaction.

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