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08/09/2019 17:10
Oi, enufsed, sent you an email.

08/08/2019 13:16
Hey there HB! A little late to the party but can I get access?

07/31/2019 19:23
Never mind shoutbox reading, read this!

04/16/2019 17:19
Kden switch of Username to keep under the radar in da back room...lemme know if you like do same

03/11/2019 08:04
Added some...

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Separate space for more restricted 'private' stuff; stuff that is of a different mindset from the main site; stuff not to be shared with a passively visiting audience; stuff on the far edge of NSFW and beyond, stuff kept in the dark recesses of my memorabilia and keepsakes. If you're here on this page, well, you likely should already know what stuff is in here. Or at least have an idea...

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