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08/09/2019 17:10
Oi, enufsed, sent you an email.

08/08/2019 13:16
Hey there HB! A little late to the party but can I get access?

07/31/2019 19:23
Never mind shoutbox reading, read this!

04/16/2019 17:19
Kden switch of Username to keep under the radar...

03/11/2019 08:04
Added some...

11/30/2018 16:03
undercover stuff

11/26/2018 17:34
word search for porn words+guam brought me here so what you got

10/21/2018 06:46

10/21/2018 06:09
nice layout. waiting for more content Smile

09/02/2018 17:24
no it's not empty.

08/25/2018 10:19
Is this back room empty? I don't see anything



Separate space for more restricted 'private' stuff; stuff that is of a different mindset from the main site; stuff not to be shared with a passively visiting audience; stuff on the far edge of NSFW and beyond. If you're here on this page, well, you likely should already know what stuff is in here. Or at least have an idea... ** READ THE FORUMS IF YOU DON'T! **

Bulletins (refreshed/updated as needed)!

  • I gotta put this out. Attention Registered Members (that means newly registered and those who have been in here longer as well as the higher level member groups). Did you read The Back Room ACCESS TERMS AND CONDITIONS AGREEMENT when you registered or were otherwise initially given access here? No? Read it then. Particularly for those longtime members of the other project sites who have moved over here.... the intent and mindset here is different and active content participation is required on this site! (8/9/19)

  • Hmmm. Need a mechanism for member group upgrades since direct registrations is turned on. Gotta work on that.... (8/8/19)

  • Site Registration from the main page is turned on We'll see if registrations directly off the web, as opposed to being 'screened' or registered on the other site first, negatively impacts the ambiance.(8/6/19)

  • Well shit... the multi-site thing where both the main and this Back Room area uses the same member database and single login just didn't work out for comfortably separating the sites. Separate login on each is required. (6/24/19)

  • Decided to put a bulletins panel up for significant site related things. (3/24/19)

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    08/14/2019 15:11

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    Admin (site/Content)A handful of visitors from off the web asked about where to find the link or option to register on the site for access. The quick answer is it's not currently enabled to allow just any person finding this site to register to be a member. Read more if you like...
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